Petr Ospalý

Programmer, DevOps and System engineer



My name is Petr Ospalý and I am working currently as a DevOps. I started my career in linux system administration (among other things) as a System Engineer and built myself towards the software development. I am with eight years of experience in the field. The emerging DevOps movement in the IT industry is bringing the system engineering and the software development together in a way I found intriguing and perspective.

My integrated development environment of choice is a terminal with a shell running on a Linux system. I can program in multiple languages and I want to use those skills in other projects. If you find me interesting you can download my CV below or send me a message.

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ONE service appliances

Checkout my contributions to OpenNebula marketplace - ONE service appliances. I was asked to create a new kind of appliances which can be configured on the fly and easily deployed. This is an incomplete list of what I have developed so far: WordPress, Kubernetes, GitLab or AWS GreenGrass...

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Baka is hosted on GitHub and project's website on GitHub Pages. This is my bachelor thesis for rapid development of TUI applications under name - RAD tool for text user interface.

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You can take a look on my other public work in GitHub repos: ospalax.

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